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Callicroft Primary

The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.

Proud to be Purple

The test of a successful education is not the amount of knowledge that a pupil takes away from school , but his/her appetite to know and their capacity to learn.

At Callicroft  we believe it is important for children to understand what it is to be a successful learner.

Children who demonstate such qualities in every day learning are called 'Purple learners'  We reward life long learning skills with purple stickers and purple postcards home.  Pupils of Callicroft understand that being a purple learner demonstrates outstanding behaviour for learning.

Purple learning week was a week dedicated to developing skills that would help us become purple learners, it was a fanatastic week and as can be seen by the pictures, all of us were fully engaged and definitely enjoying being such outstanding learners!

To be a successful purple learner Callicroft pupils

  • Know and understand what they are learning
  • Know why they are learning
  • Are involved in reviewing and improving their learning
  • Ask questions and know what I could learn next
  • Feel safe and understand that we learn from making mistakes
  • Challenge our own learning
  • Avoid giving up
  • Enjoy learning!